The directives that were offered on May 20th are still in effect. However, the following adjustments may be made:

  1. Certain activities may be allowed outdoors. Coffee hours, certain youth activities, meetings, etc., may be allowed outdoors if all other social distancing and protective measures are taken and so long as those activities comply with any local ordinances and laws. No sacraments are allowed outdoors.

  2. General Assemblies should be held in the fall.

    1. The Fall General Assembly is to take place in the nave of the church. If an overflow

      room is absolutely necessary, you may use a social hall or other such appropriate room. However, if you do use an overflow room, the participants in that room must be able to view the proceedings electronically and you must make sure those people are allowed to speak fairly. In such a case, all votes must take place by ballot.

    2. All parishes must abide by their local parish by-laws with regard to voter eligibility.

    3. You should try to avoid all issues that are not part of a normal fall general assembly. For example, votes on purchases of land, remodeling, iconography, taking out a loan, etc., should be postponed to a general assembly at a later date. If it is necessary to bring up such an issue now, the parish council should put the request in writing and submit it to the Metropolis as soon as possible so the request it may be reviewed and approved by the Metropolis before it is added to

      an agenda.

    4. If you believe changes in the date of the assembly or changes in in the fall election

      process are necessary because of the COVID-19 situation, the request must come from the parish council and must be sent to the Metropolis for review and approval as soon as possible.

  3. Bulletins may be passed out by an usher/council member wearing gloves.

Thank you for continued support and patience during this period. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ keep you safe and healthy! By the Authority of the Metropolitan,

Fr. Teodor Petrutiu, Assistant to the Metropolitan Fr. Nicolaos H. Kotsis, Assistant to the Metropolitan